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We're sad to announce that this is the end of Holerica. This band has been a huge part of our lifes for a long time now. We have had our ups and downs but on the whole it has been a fantastic journey and a great experience. During the last year though, it has been like a marriage where the passion is gone. Even if we still love the band we have decided that it is time to move on and to experience new adventures.

To make this day a little less sad we have made you guys a parting gift. Almost a year ago when Andreas and Zebastian still were in the band, we recorded our song Found Myself and on this day we bring it to you. It's avaliable on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal... you name it.

Go check it out and if you ever saw us live, listened to our music or saw our videos please leave a comment and tell us about it so that we can share those memories with you.

To all of you who supported us over the years, THANK YOU! You are the best!

Much love /Holerica